Office of Public Affairs

The Office of Public Relations and the Center for International Academic Exchange were merged into the Office of Public Affairs in 2010. The office consists of the Division of International Exchange Programs, Division of Public Relations and Division of Recruitment and Admission, advocating international affairs, public relations, admission affairs, fundraising, and alumni services. After a recent restructuring, the Division of Recruitment and Admission was also added to the in Division of Public Relations. To strengthen the fundraising efforts, the Division of Social Resources was incorporated in 2014.

The Office of Public Affairs currently has three divisions with the following

Division of Public Relations

  • Build up positive reputation for Shih Hsin University.
  • Propagate Shih Hsin-related events to the public.
  • Respond to emergency and crisis.
  • Advertise for student recruitment.
  • Receive press and media visits and generally handle all media affairs.
  • Organize holiday greeting cards.Domestic Student Recruitment: manage the University Expo, tours and speeches around high schools, recommendations for screening, SHU campus tour.
  • International Student Recruitment: Education Affairs.
  • Campus Ambassador
  • Campus Reporter

Division of International Exchange Program

  •  Build relationships with renowned institutions around the world.
  •  Promote and implement the academic exchange of information, educational resources, faculty and students.
  • Encourage academic cooperation between faculty members of Shih Hsin departments and overseas academic institutions.
  • Provide information regarding international academic exchanges to interested parties.
  • Receive and assist visitors and handle other matters regarding international academic exchange.

Division of Social Resources

  • Plan, update and manage the alumni database systems.
  • Plan, update and manage the alumni website.
  • Publish Shih Hsin University’s alumni newsletter.
  • Assist in local alumni associations.
  • Provide alumni information of course offerings at Shih Hsin.
  • Provide services of alumni transcripts and graduation certificates.
  • Coordinate within activities and database of domestic and international alumni associations.
  • Support fundraising and other miscellaneous activities.

Contact Info

Tel: 886-2-22368225 ext 82372、82188、82182
Fax: 886-2-2236-0790