Computer Center

School Computer Center (SCC) is responsible for setting the school IT development strategy. This mission includes school computer labs, teaching software, teaching support, campus networks, the Shih Hsin University website, and school affairs information system development. This job involves a variety of hardware and software procurement, planning, deployment and management, but it includes support of diversified information services for faculty, staff, and students. At this time, the university has a high-speed networked campus, 12 professional computer classrooms, networked administrative departments, web pages, a computer equipment maintenance program, an E-Lectern deployment, maintenance system, and cloud computer services.

The center is divided into four divisions: Network Management, Systems Development, Consulting, and Project Management. The mission for each division is as follows:

Network Management Division

  • Campus network, dormitory network and wireless network deployment and maintenance
  • Communications platform, computer labs and E-Lectern deployment and maintenance
  • Campus cloud host planning, deployment and maintenance
  • Detection and maintenance of school computer equipment
  • Assessment and purchase of the campus  authorized software

Systems Development Division

  • The development and maintenance of the school administration system
  • Campus app and mobile apps development
  • Evaluation and integration of new technologies verification test
  • The wisdom of the plan and build mobile campus
  • Cloud application service platform deployment and maintenance

Consulting Division

  • New information technology promotions, publicize making and education ability training
  • Campus operation system maintenance and consulting services
  • Campus administrative unit website planning, counseling, deployment and maintenance
  • Campus document management and signoff system deployment and maintenance
  • Campus information security, internal control, and audit support services

Project Management Division

  • Domestic and overseas project participation in planning tenders, development and execution
  • Maintaining the center of development and introducing new technologies and education management technologies
  • Undertaking of projects, manpower deployment and coordination, development resource planning, and document management


Contact Info

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