Office of Military Studies

The Office of Military Studies operates in accordance with the National Defense Education Act and encompasses five major areas: international situations, national defense, civil defense, defense mobilization, and defense technology. On the course, students study the development of international conditions, cross-strait relations, and the strategic position of Taiwan. They learn about threats to national safety and the basic content of national defense policies. Part of the program is recognizing the meaning and the content of “All-Out Defense,” the basic idea of civil defender, and the organizational framework, as well as essential defense skills. Graduates will be familiar with the policies of defense-related science and technology, and Taiwan’s major war equipment.

The office’s educational objectives:
1. Cultivate an international vision, increasing students’ knowledge of national defense.
2. Stimulate patriotism.
3. Build common consensus for and practice of All-Out Defense, and ensure the national safety.
4. Promote the knowledge of the civil defender.
5. Increase familiarity with emergency management, establishing the foundation for national security.

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