The Department of Public Policy and Management

Introduction and Mission
Founded in 1996, the Department of Public Policy and Management at Shih Hsin was the first among Taiwan’s private universities to offer a PHD degree dedicated to public policy and management. It aspires to offer the nation’s best program in the field, through the core values of education excellence, explorative research, versatile mentorship and international partnerships.

Program Characteristics
The program offers students a macroscopic view on successful governance in the public and private sectors. It also seeks to teach the necessary skills for cross-departmental administration. The program’s curricular design is characterized by a three-pronged approach through public policy, public management, and democratic administration. Within this structure, fundamental courses in politics, economics, and legal practices are supplemented by training in administrative policies and skills.

The department offers an internship assigning juniors, seniors, and graduate students to government agencies – such as the Taipei City Government and National Academy of Civil Service – and NPOs, such as Citizen Congress Watch.

Employment Prospects
Graduates can seek employment in government organizations, profit-making businesses and corporations, and NGOs. They can work as civil servants in administration, budget, accounting and statistics, research, development, evaluation, and human resources divisions, as well as public administrators, congressional staff, policy analysts, pollsters, managers, corporate administrators, and staffers at NGOs.

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