The Department of Business Administration

Positioning and Goals
Established in 2005, the Department of Business Administration is committed to creating management experts who are creative, enterprising, and possess global insight. Focusing on professionalism and diversity, the department’s programs train students to think independently, develop good judgment and a broad worldview, refine their communication and leadership skills, and improve their interpersonal relationships.

Program Characteristics
The department offers a two-year undergraduate continuing education program, an MBA, a continuing education Master’s program, and an executive MBA program in Shanghai. Our programs cover the college’s prerequisite courses, tried-and-tested corporate management theory and application, rigorous and scientifically-based training, and management skills. The program’s two focal areas are (i) Chinese business management and (ii) innovation and entrepreneurship. The Shanghai program was developed for middle and senior Taiwanese managers running businesses in China. Teaching management skills and corporate planning, it aims to produce professional administrators well-versed in cross-strait business. The program also encourages English proficiency, with support for English minors and double majors. Interdepartmental courses are offered including corporate governance with the Department of Public Policy and Management. A course in innovation and communications is delivered with the assistance of the Department of Speech Communication.

To familiarize students with the real world, the department is arranging a steadily growing number of workshops and speeches by industry experts and scholars. Regular study trips to companies such as CommonWealth Magazine, Global Views Monthly, Trend Micro, Quanta Computer, AVerMedia Technologies, and Hocheng Corporation also take place. To give students and instructors a chance to visit offshore Taiwanese businesses, study trips to Vietnam and Fuzhou and Xiamen in China have been undertaken. In addition, students can network with alumni to take advantage of university-organized contests, meet-and-greets, and homecoming events.

Employment Prospects
Besides advanced studies, graduates are suited to employment in the managerial level in state-run firms, private corporations, foreign companies, or Taiwan-based offshore companies.

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