The Department of Japanese Language and Literature

Established in 2002, the Department of Japanese Language and Literature program features communication and tourism courses through which students become professionals knowledgeable in Japanese culture, language, and customs. The program improves students’ skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translating, and heightens their Japanese cultural awareness and the ability to apply the language.

Program Characteristics
Japanese language and literature constitutes the backbone of the curriculum. The program can be divided into the two categories of (i) language, cultural awareness and literature, which form the program’s cornerstone, and (ii) Applied Japanese courses which integrate Shih Hsin’s signature curricula. These include communications and Japanese journalism and Japanese editing; Japanese cinema, music and popular culture, including soap operas. In addition, to accommodate students’ career needs, there are courses in business, interpreting, and tourism. Meanwhile, an interdepartmental partnership with the Department of English teaches business and tourism courses in Japanese and English.
The Japanese Corner is a special workshop to ensure total language immersion. It is staffed with Japanese teachers who provide students with coaching and conversation practice. Students can visit the Japanese Corner for movies, speech contests, tea ceremonies, origami, traditional dance, songs and cuisine to experience the essence of Japanese culture.

A unique program allows students to volunteer to lead free guided tours for Japanese tourists. As tour guides, students act as cultural ambassadors with this excellent outreach program, boosting their communication and tourism management skills. The program has received a positive response from Japanese tourists since its launch, with journalists from the Nishinippon Shimbun (“West-Japan Daily”) featuring the department in a report.

Employment Prospects
Graduates can find careers in tourism, hospitality, business, publishing, Japanese education, media, the public sector or translation. Others pursue graduate degrees in Taiwan or overseas.

The Yuheng Scholarship was established by Professor Chen Bingkun, the founder of the department, to help students from financially disadvantaged families complete their studies. Three to four slots are available to students in need every semester.

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