The Department of Social Psychology

Mission and Goal
Since its establishment in 1993, the Department of Social Psychology has been the only department of its type in Taiwan to promote the interdisciplinary linkages between sociology and psychology, using social psychology as a bridge. The department aims to produce graduates who can not only keep pace with social change and real world problems, but also help capacity building to make a positive social change.

Program Characteristics
Since the program is characterized by interdisciplinary integration and a commitment to addressing current social issues, its curricular focus consists of two elements:
1. The introduction of fundamental knowledge and theories in both sociology and psychology.
2. In-depth studies of issues relevant to Taiwan’s social development, and the application of research findings.
The faculty’s areas of expertise have shaped several major approaches to the program: marriage and family, media and culture, adolescent studies, deviant behavior, organizational behavior, and social work and counseling.
After basic training in sociology and psychology in their freshmen and sophomore years, juniors and seniors are required to specialize in either discipline, receiving more focused training in their chosen field. This approach gives students the opportunity to pursue an academic career following a more informed understanding of the two disciplines.

Seniors can begin internships in counseling, guidance, crime prevention, social work, and business organizations.

Our graduates find a variety of positions in either research or professional work.

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