The Department of Communications Management

Positioning and Goals
With digital convergence, the broadcasting and communications industry has been facing a paradigm shift. In the face of these challenges the Department of Communications Management has integrated communications and management into a unique program. Graduates leave equipped with a multi-media outlook now essential in this highly competitive market.

Program Characteristics
The program offers training for the management of conventional media outlets, ranging from traditional TV channels, radio shows, to the print media. In addition to traditional media, students are trained to manage Internet and online platforms. Classes teach students to become sophisticated media specialists with a multi-media outlook, emphasizing Internet communication and mobile media.

Our curricula prepare students to work in communications management, education, and research. They will equip graduates with the skills and training to assist government agencies and media operators in reforming the broadcasting industry, which includes upgrading our way of life, redefining cultural dynamics, and reinvigorating the economy. In so doing, graduates will assist in opening up new communications frontiers.

The department has established ties with many media outlets as part of the university’s industry partnerships, offering internships to students. These include summertime internships that will result is students having a better understanding of broadcasting operations, which will boost their employment potential through an understanding of real-world practices.

Employment Prospects
Upon graduation, students will be ready to work in traditional media outlets such radio, television, filmmaking, magazines, newspapers, and wire services. In addition they can seek employment with online, mobile, environmental media companies, and media agencies. Furthermore, graduates can work in government agencies on policy campaign management. Whether working as marketers, sales representatives, or project planners, they can utilize their communications management skills

Noted Professors and Alumni
Students will meet the department’s many noted media professionals and veteran administrators. Many celebrated actors, including Johnny Kou, Roy Liu, former Miss China Hu Qingcui, singer Hu Yifen, and Xie Lijun are members of the Department of Communications Management community.

Special Programs
In 2010, the department was granted permission to set up a continuing education program in Shanghai, China.

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