The Department of Digital Multimedia Arts

Positioning and Goals

The department was set up as a professional Incubator to produce exciting new digital multimedia content and apps, and to create versatile, innovative specialists devoted to multimedia planning, designs and development, as well as games and animation . It is also actively involved in expanding multimedia applications for the Internet and interactive communications, forging a path ahead for 2D and 3D animation projects, games, digital entertainment and high-tech media purposes.

Program Characteristics

Three elements characterize the program – creative designs, digital technologies and cultural, and artistic and aesthetic applications. The goal of teaching multimedia computer animation, gaming designs and creative multimedia applications is to train students as industry innovators with cultural and artistic sensitivities, and progressive technical skills.

Undergraduates can choose from courses on puppet animation and 2D and 3D animation launched for Team Animation; and game production, artificial intelligence, programming, interactive programming and applications set up for Team Game Designs. Besides exploring the structure and creativity of animation and game-designs , the program also focuses on role design, creative scenario development of different materials and lighting setups, storytelling, and storyboard organizing.

The department also works closely with media centers to provide internships and collaborative projects to prepare students with the skills they need to tackle workplace challenges.

The graduate program focuses primarily on Art and Aesthetics Ethics, Studies on the Creative Process and Studies on Creative Integration.This cohesive training is designed to deepen students’integrative abilities and develop their multimedia design talent, creativity and ingenuity.


Students are challenged in the areas of interactive interface construction, presentation and production when producing an exhibition of their best works. They are expected to work with professional lab equipment, such as the motion capture system and render farm to refine their constructions.

Employment Prospects

Graduates of the program enter the fields of new media and communications technology, entertainment technology, value-adding of digital content and purposes, visual communications, high-tech art designs and applications, game-designs, animation designs and production, and advertising.

Positions open to them are animation or games designers, multimedia content planners and designers, role designers and art designers for animation and game applications, interface programmers, visual effects designers, project managers, planners and exhibition curators, multimedia art directors, or virtual space designers.

Advanced Studies:
Specialized studies and training are available here in Taiwan or overseas for those wishing to pursue an advanced degree in multimedia arts. The programs provide continuing indepth and interdisciplinary studies

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