The Department of Radio, Television and Film

Positioning and Goals
The goal of the Department of Radio, Television and Film is to consistently and successfully address the diverse demands of a changing society with an up-to-date curriculum, educational resources, and an experienced faculty. The broadcast industry is characterized by rapid progress and change. Yet the Department of Radio, Television and Film has consistently addressed the evolving demands of both the industry and a changing society. Since its establishment in 1962, the department has trained over 10,000 professionals, who continue to exert a strong influence across Taiwan’s media environment.

Program Characteristics
The undergraduate program offers three tracks: radio, television and film. Elective courses cover enunciation, show hosting, voice-over, and soundtrack scoring, as well as program planning, playwriting, performance arts, TV show production, and filmmaking. Theory and application are integrated across the program, and students work on both image and sound aspects of the field.
The department offers MFA and MA degrees. The three-year MFA focuses on hands-on production. The program consists of three areas of concentration: film planning and editing, film production, and cinematography aesthetics. The two-year MA focuses on applied research projects. The program includes three subject areas: media planning and effects, media education and applied studies, and digital convergence and media industry studies.

For broadcasting professionals wishing to keep abreast of the latest technological developments, the department has created a two-year continuing education MA. The course concentrates on broadcasting management and culture and has been designed for industry veterans in roles such as senior operations managers and senior administrators.

On-campus internships and partnership with industry prepares students to apply their skills to meet real-life challenges. With this background, the program grooms students to be qualified and competent producers and administrators for Taiwan’s broadcasting community. Designed to provide real-life training, our internships utilize the department’s leading edge facilities. These include a lab containing 16mm video cameras, professional DV-Camp and HDV digital camera sets, lighting equipment, recorders and tripods, multi-track recorders, audio mixers, and other supplementary equipment for production. Students can also practice in the department’s state-of-the-art terraced theater classroom, TV studio, and linear/non-linear editing room and recording studio.

Employment Prospects
Employment prospects for radio include the following:
* Radio show production
* Hosting
* Music scoring
* Sound effects
* Voice-over narration
* Program marketing and management

Employment prospects for television include the following:
* Programming
* Planning
* Photography
* Editorial
* Performance
* Cable management

Employment prospects for film include the following:
* Planning
* Execution
* Photography
* Production
* Directing

In addition, many graduates continue their education, earning master’s and doctoral degree.

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