The Department of Graphic Communications and Digital Publishing


Positioning and Goals
The Department of Graphic Communications and Digital Publishing aims to equip students with the theory and practical proficiency needed to meet the challenges of the fast-growing digital content industry.

The department’s goal is to instill talented students with a sophisticated worldview, technological awareness, and a knack for applying theory to practice.

Program Characteristics
Printing has been at the very core of the department’s curricular design. However, after a carefully-monitored curricular integration, the program now focuses on digital editing, reproduction, publication, and management.
Graduate Program
The department’s graduate program is characterized by a focus on publishing management, combining both traditional and digital publishing technologies. Curriculum design is tailored to the industry veterans who make up the majority of the participants. The program focuses on the business aspects of the industry, ranging from title selection, editing, reproduction, publication, and copyright negotiation. Special attention is paid to smart technologies in publishing management.

During summer, the department organizes off-campus placements, pairing students with some of the 43 businesses which partake in the department’s expanding business collaboration program. On-campus internships are also offered, which take full advantage of the department’s eight professional labs. These include labs for screen printing, color management, professional picture-mounting, printing materials, and e-publishing, as well as a Macintosh computer lab and a photography studio.

Designated Scholarships and Financial Aid
Scholarships are offered by the department under the following programs:
1. Su Shiran Foundation
2. The Epson Heritage Foundation

Employment Prospects
Our graduates can seek employment in the printing, photography, design, and publishing industries as print specialists, pre-production specialists, professional photographers, layout designers, photoshoppers, image processing specialists, and graphic designers. Some have launched their own start-up companies and pursued higher degrees at noted institutes here and abroad.

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