The Department of Public Relations & Advertising

Strategic communication is the backbone of the Public Relations and Advertising Department’s educational program. Strategic communication is combined with marketing communication in order to provide a solid base for preparing students to work in these two closely related fields. The program includes work in communication, management, marketing, and the media environment. The hands-on applications Include organizational management, media communication, advertising and public relations campaign planning, and issue and risk management. In doing so, the department teaches students a high level of professional skill and applied strategic problem-solving.

The English-Taught Marketing Communication Program (ETMCP),integrating the content of public relations, advertising, brand management,consumer culture, popular culture and global marketing pertinent to marketing communication study, aims to enable students to pursue academic and practical accomplishments in marketing-related fields. Since this program is totally taught in English, many international students are also keen to take part in it. Hence the ETMCP has become a representative indicator of Shih Hsin University’s internationalization achievement.

The department has extended its focus beyond product and brand management to cover organizational and public factors related to consumerism. With this focus in mind, the department ensures that graduates leave with not only excellent skills in marketing communication but also in strategic communication. Given their training, our graduates will find employment in the private sector, with a government agency, or with an NPO or NGO. The department strives to help students achieve personal growth and professional training during their four years on campus.

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