The Department of Journalism

Objectives and Goals
As the cornerstone of Shih Hsin University, the Department of Journalism has a proud history of cultivating the best national and international journalists who are committed to the principles of democracy. Participants will be taught interdisciplinary knowledge and the critical analysis skills needed to develop sound views on core and current issues within an environment of academic freedom. Students are expected to become familiar with the fundamental concerns, theoretical approaches, and methods of the field. During their courses, they will produce news reports of the latest news events drawing on problem solving, qualitative and quantitative analysis, and creative thought.

Program Characteristics
The department has expanded from its traditional training criteria, which concentrated on print media, to a comprehensive program that includes radio and digital multi-media news production.

The Newsweek Internship is a year-round, on-campus program providing students with hands-on experience of news writing, editing and reporting for newspapers, TV and radio, and the Web. Students can apply the theory and skills they have learned at university and fulfill the university’s motto: “Holistic education for moral integrity and professional training.” Meanwhile, there are off-campus internships in which students spend three months working full-time as reporters, editors or news-related specialists at media outlets.

Employment Prospects
On graduation, a range of employment is open to students as reporters, editors, photographers, program planners and producers in newspapers, TV, radio, online media, and magazines. Positions outside the media industry include corporate editors and project planners in business. Graduates have also pursued overseas academic research in diversified majors beyond communication.

Every year scholarships are available to full-time students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The program was established in memory of alumnus Yang Jiayuan by his family.

Of the more than 4,000 graduates who have achieved success in media-related fields across the country are the following:

* Dr. Lai Shin-yuan 賴幸媛 (the WTO representative of The Permanent Mission of the Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Mastu)

* Liao Hsiao-chun 廖筱君 (anchorwoman at Taiwan Sanlih TV)

* Chen Haiyin 陳海茵 (anchorwoman at ETTV)

* Liao Yingting 廖盈婷 (show host, anchorwoman, and reporter at TVBS)

* Wei Huaxuan 魏華萱 (a host of a travel show)

* Chao Shanyi 趙善意 (general manager of China Television Co.)

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