SHU Chorus Took the Gold in Indonesia! Faculty and Students Send Their Congrats

Shih Hsin University Chorus Club took another trophy in an international chorus competitions. Everytime the SHU Chorus participates in international competitions they never come back empty handed. This time they competed in the 6th Bali International Choir Festival with 146 teams from 14 countries. They made it to the final Grand-Prix award and won the Mixed Youth Choir Competition Category and  Mixed Youth Choir Category. Vice-chairman of SHU, Cheng-Hu Jhou complemented them on their hard work and result, saying let the world “see Taiwan, see Shih Hsin.”

The tradition of the SHU chorus is to join international competitions once every three years, and this is the 7th time that the SHU Chorus Club went overseas to participate in BICF. The Chorus Club presented three songs, Thinn Oo-oo (Cloudy Day), Cantate Domino and 狩俣ぬくいちゃ(Clapping Song). The Chorus showed their strength with unconventional performance methods and outstanding skills, which won much applause.

BICF is the music festival held in Bali, Indonesia, every July. This year, there were 146 choirs from multiple countries, with over 5000 competitors. The rules of the competition are by ranking, and the method of scoring is different in each category. The SHU Chorus Club made it all the way to the finals with four other teams. (The following link is the live video of the festival; the SHU Chorus Club starts from 27:00.

Shih Hsin University Chorus is already 52 years old, composed of members from different departments. Most of them are newbies in choir music. This year, in order to prepare for the international festival, Ma-Li Liu, the conductor, chose songs that were more challenging. Students had concentrate and spend plenty of time rehearsing. 狩俣ぬくいちゃ the Japanese song was especially difficult, it included a lot of clapping and stomping movements. Not only did the students have to practice intensely, but they also needed to be well-coordinated with the conductor.

The former tenor of British acappella ensemble, The King’s Singers, Paul Phoenix, who was also one of the judges of BICF 2017, expressed his affection towards SHU’s Chorus Club. He said people could feel the members were happy on stage and their voices were very well-coordinated. Another judge, Jamie Hillman, who is currently teaching in the music department at Gordon College,said, “Shih Hsin Chorus’s performance let everyone see Taiwan.”

The executive of Shih Hsin’s Resources Development Center and Chorus Club’s directing teacher, Lei-Nuo Shieh, was very proud that he could lead the chorus members to win honor for their country and school. Shieh says that he is especially thankful for the financial support from SHU President, Dr. Yeong-Chyan Wu and Chairman of the Board, Dr. Nathan C.H. Chow, who helped the students to focus on the competition and win the medals. The SHU Chorus showed the strength of Taiwanese students and shone on the world stage.

The SHU Chorus Club won two gold medals at the 6th Bali International Choir Festival. (Picture provided by BICF)

Conductor of the chorus, Ma-Li Liu (Right), and chorus leader, Bing-Cheng Sie (Left)

Shih Hsin Chorus taking a picture before getting on the flight to Bali

A group picture before getting on stage

The Chorus Club came back with an excellent result, receiving interviews from the media

President, Dr. Wu (Left), President of the Alumnus Board, Lei-Nuo Shieh (Middle), and Chairman of the Board, Dr. Nathan C.H. Chow (Right) sending their regards to the chorus.

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