Seizing the Perfect Moment of Celebrities! World-Class Photographer, Jerome de Perlinghi, Delivered a Seminar in SHU


The Department of Graphic Communications and Digital Publishing invited world-class Belgian photographer, Jerome de Perlinghi, to SHU for a seminar on November 2nd. Jerome de Perlinghi is currently a lecturer at theArt Institute of Chicago. He also has several published photography portfolios. Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling, Halle Berry, John Malkovich, award-winning director, David Lynch, and Blues legend, B.B King were all once objects under Jerome de Perlinghi’s lense.

Jerome de Perlinghi has delivered numerous seminars around the world. He says each photographer’s thinking and shooting angle are different, however, the instinct and initiative never gets old. Six days a week, Perlinghi goes around the city with a Fuji X-T10 for “street snaps” catching beautiful little moments. Perlinghi encourages students to browse more, compare more and shoot more. Miss. Liu from the Department of Graphic Communications and Digital Publishing hopes to increase knowledge, and push Taiwanese photography to the world through this seminar.

Jerome de Perlinghi delivering the speech.

Jerome de Perlinghi is an expert in street and portrait photography.

Jerome de Perlinghi’s portrait of Johnny Depp.

Jerome de Perlinghi’s portrait of Ryan Gosling.

Jerome de Perlinghi’s portrait of Halle Berry.

Students seizing the chance to pick the master’s brain.

Group photo of Jerome de Perlinghi with the students.

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