60th Anniversary Series:Thousands attend SHU 60th Anniversary Dinner


The SHU 60th anniversary dinner at the Sing Liang Dain banquet attracted a huge crowd with 106 tables seating guests including former students and special guests. Appreciation awards and donations were presented, with performances and karaoke for the guests.

The deputy chairman Chou President Wu of SHU gave toasts to all the guests to show their appreciation. Furthermore, Wu also presented appreciation awards to Alumni chairmen overseas, hoping for the best future prospects.

The SHU Public Relations Association donated $10 million, and Alumni Chairman Wang and the South California Alumni group each donated $1 million to help fund scholarships and to create an even better environment for future students. Many other guests also made generous donations. Wang believes that giving back is what she must do, and felt happy for the scholarships helping the students at SHU, hoping for a better learning environment at SHU.

Guest were ably entertained by the talented “Soul” group and President Wu said he was very proud of the staff and their hard work. He hoped that 60 years of wisdom and experience could be passed down to future generations.

1214-13Deputy Chairman Chou and President Wu toast guests.

1214-14Guests from all over the world enjoy the dinner party together.

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