Office of Industry-Academia Collaboration

Responding to imperatives in research and development, Shih-Hsin University founded the Office of Industry-Academia Collaboration (OIAC) on August 1, 2016 to plan, integrate and execute cooperative development among college departments, government and industry. The OIAC’s inaugural head is Professor Hsu, Pi-Fang. The OIAC features three main areas: (1) Innovation & Business Incubation Center; (2) Industry-Academia Planning Division; and (3) Administrative Management Division. The OIAC builds on pre-existing cooperation between industry and academia, and anticipates expanding cross-sector exchanges.

Innovation & Business Incubation Center

The Innovation & Business Incubation Center (IBIC) secures government and private sector support to promote faculty and student entrepreneurship. It also presents research achievements to industry and integrates academic resources for industry and professionals via technical information and administrative support. Ultimately, the continuous interaction between SHU and industry will commodify new technologies, enhance the competitiveness of academic-driven entrepreneurship, and create more opportunities for industrial-academic cooperation.

Industry-Academia Planning Division

The Industry-Academia Planning Division (IAPD) integrates college-wide resources and makes them available to all faculties for industry-academic cooperation with both the private and public sectors. IAPD also plans and executes professional training projects for industries. By applying existing resources. The IAPD is designed to secure projects from the government and private sector, widening social services by offering executive masters programs or other training courses for professionals. The IAPD assists SHU’s teaching and research center to coordinate promotion, execution and management for industrial-academic cooperation.

Administrative Management Division

The Administrative Management Division (AMD) provides a wide range of administrative and support managerial for industry-academic cooperation projects by offering various faculty consulting services including patent management, technology transfer, intellectual property management and startup facilitation. The AMD assists faculty members with grant writing, preparing faculty project proposals, and carrying out various industry, government, and/or academia commissioned educational programs and workshops. The AMD also encourages faculty to execute research, and innovation aimed at optimizing the industrial performance via industry-academia cooperation projects.

Staff Members

The names, phone numbers, and E-mail addresses of the staff are as follows:

Dean, Dr. Pi-Fang Hsu, ext. 82161, E-mail:

Contact Info

Tel: 886-2-2236-8225 ext. 82167
Fax: 886-2-2236-9105