Message from Chairman of the Board

In Quest of Excellence
When Mr. She-wo Cheng founded Shih Hsin School of Journalism in Taiwan in 1956, his vision was to educate a new generation of competent media professionals who would contribute to an independent press which would in turn serve as the foundation for a democratic society. The school’s educational philosophy was to cultivate students’ intellectual capacity and moral integrity, and its approach placed equal emphasis on theory and practice.
Mr. Cheng’s extensive experience in Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Guailin, and Chongqing as a publisher of renowned newspapers convinced him of the qualities required for the makings of a good journalist. In moral character, media professionals should possess integrity, incorruptibility, and independence; in job performance, they should demonstrate intelligence, competence, and sound knowledge.
To achieve this mission, the school established internship affiliates such as the Shih Hsin Newsweek, the Pots Biweekly, the Shih Hsin Radio Station, the Film Production Center, and the Publication and Printing Center, all of which provide students with hands-on experience in the actual operations of the media industry. These practical skills give our graduates an edge in the media market and in other related industries.
The University now has five colleges, a diversity of graduate programs, and nineteen departments offering a wide range of disciplines from communications and management, to the humanities and the social sciences. Shih Hsin University has come a long way from a vocational school to its current status as one of the preeminent private universities in Taiwan.
The challenges faced by institutions of higher education have never been more intense than in this new century. Shih Hsin University shall continue to strive in its quest for excellence.