SHU concert raises the roof


This year’s 22nd New Year concert boasted a stellar cast of Claire Guo, Xiao-Yu, Li Jia Wei, Boxing and others, with Singer Wawa performing the finale. SHU alumni Albee hosted the Shih Hsin University Student Council-organized event. Albee also performed.

Heavy rain didn’t deter the crowds who filled the auditorium. They were rewarded by passionate performances including Boxing, the Aboriginal orchestra, who won the award for Best New Artist.  SHU alumnus Claire sang  ‘Singing in the trees’ and other popular songs livening up the atmosphere.

Some students queued from 3:00pm just to see their favorite singers Li Jia Wei and Xiao Yu, whose voices later wowed the audience. The grande finale was provided by singer Wawa singing ‘Buy You.’ Students thronged to the front of the stage to sing along loudly.

1116_SHU concert raises the roof 1

Alumnus Claire comes back to her alma mater, greeted by screaming students.

1116_SHU concert raises the roof 2
Xiao Yu’s gentle voice touches the audience.
1116_SHU concert raises the roof 3
Singer Wawa sings the lovely ‘Buy You’ to give provide the perfect ending.