The University was founded as the World Vocational School of Journalism. The outer circle in the school’s insignia represents the “world”, symbolizing its aspiration to move as one with the world.

A writing implement is a necessary tool for a journalist, and the school’s founder Mr. She-wo Cheng made his pen an instrument for justice throughout his lifetime. He insisted on the ideal that a man of integrity should remain virtuous in wealth, steadfast under intimidation, and incorruptible in poverty. The journalist’s pen has become the highest spiritual symbol for the school.

The oval surrounding the outer circle of the school’s insignia represents ever-changing media technologies and media information networks, announcing the school’s educational goal of creating a total-media environment.

The three lines extending from the oval stand for an educational ideal that melds knowledge, virtue, and strength. They possess a far-reaching meaning, expressing the University’s mission of educating well-rounded professional talents with bold new 21st-century perspectives and ideas.