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Transportation Information


▌ Taipei Metro system/ MRT

The Taipei Metro system, called the Mass Rapid Transit or MRT, is the easiest and fastest way to get around Taipei. Not only are signs and announcements made in both Mandarin and English, but also the lines for boarding are clearly marked and the stops are numerous. The fare ranges from $20~ $50, depending on the distance you travel.

SHU is near Jingmei station on the Songshan-Xindian line, and is a 10-15-minute walk from Exit 2. SHU Student ID Cards can double up as the MRT’s EASYCARD. You can add value directly onto your SHU Student ID Card at all MRT stations and convenience stores (ex: 7-Eleven).

◎ Taipei Metro map:

◎ Taipei Metro website:

◎ Note: The EasyCard is useful and convenient for both the MRT system and bus rides.


▌ Bus

Taipei’s bus system is convenient as well, but can be a bit complicated. We recommend you use the MRT unless you are certain about the bus route and the stop. 

To SHU Main Entry

Bus stops : Shih Hsin University (世新大學)
Shin-Shin Bus: 251、666、671、915、Br6、Br12、Br22
Sin Dian Bus: 647
Zhinan Bus: 660、933

To SHU College of Management Building

Bus stops : Fuxing Police Station (復興派出所)
Shin-Shin Bus: 251、666、671、915、Br6、Br12、Br22
Sin Dian Bus: 647
Zhinan Bus: 660、933

Bus stops : Examination Yuan (考試院)
Shin-Shin Bus: 251、666、671、915、Br6、Br12
Sin Dian Bus: 647
Zhinan Bus: 660、933

 ◎ Please refer to the following website for bus schedules and routes:


▌ Taxi

Taxi rides can be expensive if you are traveling a long distance. The basic fare is NT$70 for a regular taxi. An extra fare will be charged from midnight to 6:00 A.M.


▌ Long Distance Transportation

In Taiwan, there are three main ways to travel long distance: highway bus, train and high-speed railway. For more information please refer to the following websites:

◎ Highway bus:

◎ Taiwan railways:

◎ High speed rail: