SHU cheerleaders are champions – again


SHU scooped two gold medals and one silver medal at the 2015 University Cheerleading Championship (UCC) in New Taipei Hsin Chuang Stadium this week. SHU remains unbeaten for six years running, making it a 6-peat in the toughest category of “open mixed-sex groups set.” We also won the title in the “open mixed-sex group of five people,” and netted silver in “the general mixed-sex group of five people.” A total of 43 schools, 80 teams and more than 1,000 contestants battled it out in the championship match.

1040623_SHU cheerleaders are champions01

SHU celebrates its success in the university cheerleading championship.

1040623_SHU cheerleaders are champions02
SHU in the open mixed-sex groups set.

1040623_SHU cheerleaders are champions03

Courtside spectators cheer continuously.

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