“The Voice of China 4” qualifier held at SHU


SHU played host to the only qualifier across northern Taiwan for “The Voice of China 4” on May 7th drawing full-capacity crowds to see the qualifying contestants singing their hearts out.

Jou-Wei Chen and 19 year-old Li Kexin, both first-time contenders, were chosen as part of the TOP10 together with Huang Sheng-wen, who said: “Shih Hsin’s environment and atmosphere are super good. It’s really like in a concert.”

The top 10 performers from the north plus 20 South Central Taiwan performers will progress to the next round, with the finals held on May 17th in the Taipei University of Technology.

The Voice of China 401

Li Ke-xin’s interpretation of “The Longest Movie” performance is well received.

The Voice of China 402

Bo-Zhen Chen’s seductive performances wow the audience.

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