The International Management of Integrity Governance

The International Management of Integrity Governance (IMIG) program was started in 2012. Like the Master’s program offered by the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) ,IMIG is designed to provide an interdisciplinary approach to anti-corruption education and research, and deliver and facilitate anti-corruption training for practitioners from government, business and society. It offers academic degree programs and opportunities for dialogue for managers and leaders from all sectors of society regarding theories, skills and tools of anti-corruption.

The IMIG program is an international program based on cross-country and cross-sector design. The courses offered in the first year cover integrity index and governance, international anti-corruption treaty and domestic law. For the second year, students can take classes of anti-corruption action strategies, case studies and writing in integrity and governance, detection of criminal behavior, and prevention control.

Teachers in the program use lectures, case discussions, situation simulation and other creative and interactive ways to inspire discussion and active learning among students. The teachers in the IMIG program include professors whose expertise lies in the integrity field in Shih Hsin University as well as practitioners from government. IMIG also invites international scholars to lecture on related issues of anti-corruption to introduce the latest issues to students.

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