School of Law

The Shih Hsin School of Law is well-placed in the current sweep of international educational reforms. It has implemented a set of curricular and structural changes to create professionals who are able to work at an international level and who are legal experts with both specialized and interdisciplinary skills.

The Shih Hsin School of Law and the Department of Law were established in 1996. Nine years later, the Graduate Institute for Intellectual Property Rights was established. The School of Law is committed to helping students become independent thinkers who have a broad-based understanding of legal practices.

Graduates acquire knowledge in communications technologies, intellectual property rights, business and commercial law, and consumer-driven financial policy reforms.

In addition, the School of Law includes the following features:

Undergraduate courses are taught using Socratic teaching methods which improves students’ critical thinking and analytical skills.

The school includes faculty members with degrees from Germany, France, Japan, the U.K, the U.S, and Australia, and whose expertise covers a range of core areas. In 2007, former Grand Justice Yih-nan Liaw, administrative law specialist Dr. Xinping Zhang, and business law professor Tiangui Gan joined the faculty. Civil procedure expert Dr. Liangong Qiu joined the school in 2008.


The College provides legal counsel, working with law firms, courthouses, and patent and trademark consultancies to which students can be assigned for placements. As part of their internships, students can also visit local primary schools to offer basic legal education and advocacy work.


The school houses the Law Materials and Intellectual Property Information Center as well as the Intellectual Property Research Center, where seminars students are regularly held. Both centers include Chinese and English periodicals.

The school includes a library containing 182,400 books, dictionaries, law digests, and periodicals in Chinese and foreign languages.


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