Office of General Affairs

Organization Chart:

Office of General Affairs→ General Service Division, Construction and Maintenance Division, Documentation Division, Cashier Division, Property Administration Division The Office of General Affairs has a wide range of responsibilities that include the construction, maintenance of buildings, the procurement of equipment, water and power supply, sanitation, fire safety, mail distribution, billing and bursary, finances and payment and property inventory and administration.

The responsibilities for the five divisions under the Office are as follows:

I. General Service Division

01. the procurement of facilities, equipment and consumables;
02. the acquisition and lease of university properties and buildings;
03. the management of campus sanitation and security;
04. the management of parking;
05. the leasing of university cafeteria and concession.

II. Construction and Maintenance Division

01. the repair and maintenance of facilities, equipment and consumables;
02. The construction and maintenance of university properties and buildings;

III. Documentation Division

01. the processing of official documents and memoranda;
02. the distribution of mail and packages;
03. the planning and implementation of intramural digital communications;
04. the sale of entrance exam brochures.

IV. Cashier Division

01. the cashier services;
02. the control of finances;
03. the collection and refund of tuitions;
04. the collection of application fees for entrance and transfer exams;
05. the processing of payments and checks;
06. the issue of salary and National Science Council grants; and
07. the issue of scholarship

V. Property Administration Division

01. the controlling, contracting and finalizing of works and facilities;
02. the cataloguing of land and property deeds;
03. the cataloguing of requisitions for consumables;
04. the inspection, approval and cataloguing of repair work for buildings and facilities;
05. the handling of graduation gowns;
06. the control of write-off inventory and the disposal of recyclable materials;
07. the purchase, writing-off and transfer of properties;
08. the supply of requisitioned materials;
09. the cataloguing and labeling of properties and equipment.

Position: Vice Dean ,Name: Kevin Huang,Extension: 2101 ,E-mail

Buildings and Grounds Division

Construction and Maintenance Division

Property Administration Division

Documentation Division

Cashier Division

  • Position: Division Director, Name: Hui-Ping Tang ,Extension: 82129 ,E-mail Address:
  • Position: Clerk ,Name: Wei-Shih Chang ,Extension: 82127,E-mail Address:
  • Position: Project Assistant ,Name: Shu-Chen Kao ,Extension: 82128 ,E-mail Address:

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