Public Relations & Advertising Consultancy Center

To better address the innovations in modern marketing communications strategy, Shih Hsin launched the Public Relations & Advertising Consultancy Center in October 2004. Staffed with faculty from the Department of Public Relations & Advertising, the center has enlisted the support of marketing veterans and Shih Hsin’s alumni to build a robust marketing resource platform. Here, integrated marketing strategies are implemented and all-round marketers of the next generation are trained.

The center offers a range of services in public relations and marketing, online marketing, product launch campaigns, event planning and execution, advertising and audio and video production, print and 3D advertisements, exhibition, and product planning and campaign services. It is an excellent environment for students to apply themselves on internships, helping to shape them into the skilled marketers, PR agents, and advertisers of the future.

Tel:886-2-8911-8488 Ext 114