Media Production Center

Holistic communication strategies and the advent of integrated media have challenged the viability of conventional communication firms. With that in mind, Shih Hsin University established a Media Production Center in early 1992, and enlisted communication professionals from all areas, to work on three divisions: planning, photography, and post-production. These three subunits act as the core of the operation. Meanwhile, a robust facility is in place to support program production.

Since its establishment, making the center’s voice heard in Taiwan’s electronic media and improving the quality of the country’s media production have been the center’s twin goals. Meanwhile, the center works to offer Shih Hsin’s students the opportunities that will unleash their potential, working as trainees at Shih Hsin’s partner firms and government agencies. In this way, Shih Hsin’s position as an incubator for journalists and communications talent is measureable.

The center’s all-round planning, effective execution, and robust and professional production facilities ensure the best-ever quality for its program planning and projects. Every assignment is reviewed with a critical, professional eye.

  1. The center boasts a complete set of facilities, ranging from broadcasting consoles, video cameras, digital editing equipment to a fully-appointed studio. From pre-production planning to postproduction review, every project is placed under professional and vigorous quality control and scrutiny.
  2. The center enjoys a close cooperative education partnership with Shih Hsin University. It is staffed with experienced instructors, and students can access the latest know-how and the most updated market information for a fulfilling internship.
  3. The center is staffed with professionally-trained software planners, technicians and maintenance engineers.