Institute of Knowledge Economy Development

Shih Hsin University established an Opinion Poll Research Center in August, 1991 to address the increasing demand for quality education, research efforts and supervised practical application of a studied theory. Dr. Jialing Cheng was appointed the first director. The Institute prides itself in its professional and academic resources, top researchers, a variety of top-grade facilities, and tried-and-true empirical studies for social sciences to faithfully reflect public opinions, while improving academic research participation and systematic social learning. To address the constant shifts in Taiwan’s social climate, the Institute began to diversify and innovate. Also, in ensuring the Institute’s sustainability and academic competitiveness, Director Jialing Cheng approved the proposal to set up Institute of Knowledge Economy Development on April 1, 2010, during the second stage of the 17th board meeting.

The Institute is committed to conducting long-term, public interest-based and grassroots research; its vision is defined by innovation, sustainability, and diverse development. The Institute honors both theory and practical application of learning, and is devoted to the inauguration of a social science database to upgrade academic research value. The Institute has retained experts and specialists from different areas of expertise, and designate “information strategies,” “creativity and innovation,” and “sustainable regional development” as its cores to promote cross-regional partnership for greater research development, heightened focus on public affairs, and all-round solutions for both public and private sectors to become a platform for information integration and knowledge heritage. The Institute houses six units, and they are: Institute for Public Opinion, Digital and Communications Research Center, Research Center for Information Technology Innovation, Research Center for Branding and Cultural/Creative Industries, Research Center for Regional Development, and Research Center for Sustainable Development.