Publishing Center

The publishing industry is the carrier of a country’s historic and traditional heritage, and synonymous with its cultural awareness. Shih Hsin’s Publishing Center, established in 1992, aims to train up the nation’s future-generation publishers, drawing on state-of-the-art printing presses and experienced instructors from the Department of Graphic Communications & Digital Publishing.

As publishing quality relies heavily on the technical equipment available, the center continues to update and place innovation at the core of its facilities. It houses a black-and-white scanner and color scanner, graphic design production and typesetting workstation, a complete set of digital page composition systems, film processing and image setter, prepress proofer, computer to plate (CTP) technology, offset printer, computerized die cutter, as well as a professional camera and studio.

Professionalism, quality, and efficiency characterize the center’s publishing services, which include publication design and production for publishing houses and print media, and follow-up publication distribution. Within these services the center provides end-to-end design, photography, editing, review, e-book designs, plate-making, printing, bookbinding, circulation, and distribution throughout bookstores around the country. In addition, journalism students on internships at the center will learn the ropes about publishing and printing alongside trainees from the Department of Graphic Communications & Digital Publishing. Students will engage on both an intellectual and hands-on level, applying textbook knowledge to real practice.