Lihpao Daily

Lihpao Daily was created on July 12th, 1988, by Cheng She-wo, co-founder of Shih Hsin School of Journalism.Cheng She-wo has always believed in the power of independent media.

Therefore, despite being organized and governed by a university, he still followed his principles and introduced Lihpao Daily to the public. With such reputation, Lihpao has since prided itself as the foster parents of the most diverse media professionals in the business.

Lihpao Daily is now in print on weekdays. There is also 4-Way Voice, a newspaper that brings in multilingual news from Southeast Asia (Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Filipino, and Cambodian). Newsletters are sent out daily and renewals on the official website are made accordingly.

Since Lihpao Daily got up and running, it has been the leading media in the field of education, with promises to provide Taiwanese teachers with news on the industry and its current environment. The year 1998 is a milestone Lihpao set promoting itself as “the only education-exclusive media in Taiwan”. While April, 2014 marks the time Lihpao had a temporary fall-out with its readers in order to relocate, after 4 months, Lihpao came back charging in colorful print, sizing half of a broadsheet, with contents of 2 sheets and 8 sections. News wise still remains focused on education, with everyday commentaries and detailed reporting, providing great insight on topics such as cross-strait higher education and distance education.

Báo Bốn Phương (monthly) is a publication printed in Chinese and several Southeast Asian languages. We produce Vietnamese, Cambodian, Myanmar, Indonesian, Thai, and Filipino language texts, from every month to every two months. The publication define itself as “letting migrant minorities living in Taiwan able to articulate their own,” and “Improving Immigrant Voices ” It is hoped that the paper would be the main source of news information for immigrant laborers, and a platform for their voices to be heard.