Shih Hsin University Newsweek

SHU Newsweek began publishing on January 2, 1965 and was registered at the Ministry of Interior as a practicum periodical for juniors in the Department of Journalism, preparing them for careers in publishing. Students hone their interviewing, writing, editing, photography, and layout skills at the newspaper.

To prime students with interview expertise, strengthen their reporting know-how, and bolster community outreach, Newsweek underwent a makeover during the 1997 spring semester, with increased pages devoted to the community. In 2001, four pages were printed in color. In 2004, students from both the day and evening divisions of the Department of Journalism joined the practicum, and the Shih Hsin University Xindian Newsweek pilot edition was launched. Concurrently, Newsweek was renamed Shih Hsin University Wenshan Newsweek. A year later, internship resources were reintegrated to merge both editions to cover community updates in Greater Wenshan District. A financial page was launched in 2008; Three years later, an English news edition was added to the publication, and published every other week.

The university hopes to encourage students to reach out to the community through this unique opportunity and deepen their commitment to community service and outreach for the disadvantaged.