Audit Office

The Internal Audit Office serves the university by assessing whether an appropriate system of controls is in place to manage risks. Our approach is collaborative and forward-looking. We work to support the university in its mission, and our goal is to help departments achieve their objectives and make informed decisions through proactive risk management.


The internal auditing function is a continuous independent management control and appraisal activity established within the university to review accounting, financial and other operations the office determines:

  •  Assets are safeguarded and their use properly accounted for
  •  Accurate financial and managerial controls exist and function properly
  •  Recommendations are made for appropriate improvements in controls
  •  Management plans, policies and procedures are carried out and executed efficiently and effectively

Contact Info

Audit Office
Tel: 886-2-22368225 ext. 82007
Fax: 886-2-22365133